Saturday, 29 October 2011

add as a FRIEND ....... uff tauba faceboooooookkkkinggggg

(Below mentioned piece is another sheer brilliance of the author S/Lt Shehryar, any unauthorized misuse or exploitation of the passage may lead to jeopardy)

No matter how hard you gamble with your destiny, one is destined to reach his destiny. The same lines can be rephrased as no matter how hard you gamble on the facebook, one is destined to marry as written in his destiny.
Facebook/Orkut are social networking forums which serve as means to connect with your family and friends. These are wonderful tools which help to keep in contact with your loved ones both in Pakistan and abroad. The true spirit of these forums has been gravely miscomprehended when it comes to the Pakistani youth- who take it as a more flirting cum social event. There are some points of advice which can be helpful for the youth and the male gender in particular
  • Pakistani women are conservative so refrain from sending spam friend requests and spam messages
  • Women look more mature than their age so before sending any spam request be 200% sure that she is of your age group not a toddler
  • Getting blocked by the FB for seven days doesn’t look cool
  • “Never” send a friend request directly. It gives the impression that you are flirting hence you get rejected
  • Don’t mess around with profiles with whom you have a mutual contact
  • Your Display Picture aka “DP” should be funny, energetic and full of life
  • The profiles which have limited visibility are the genuine ones. Avoid profiles which have 1000+ friends and all pictures viewable
  • “poke” option looks gentler than sending a friend request
  • While using FB try to be more tactful. Tact should not be an excuse for lying or cheating. Tact implies creating a fan following of your own by writing on websites like blogs on Express Tribune, which the writer is also trying to do
 Wrapping up the thoughts I am of the view that be smart else there is no need wasting time on FB. Your ship wouldn’t propel a yard it would only change directions. On a serious note it’s a humble request to all my brothers and sisters to streamline their energies to more healthy activities like sports, and be a patron for the poor please….

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